Overall Objective

Overall Objective

To enhance the contribution of Higher Education Institutions to food and nutrition security of communities in Eastern [ampersand] Southern Africa

Specific Objective:

Specific Objective:

To improve the capacity of Higher Education Institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa to provide practical training and research solutions in food and nutrition sciences.

Target groups

Target groups

The target groups for this action include participating universities, graduate students, university faculty and technicians

The final beneficiaries

The final beneficiaries

Include employers of food and nutrition science graduates (food industries, governments, food analysis laboratories, food regulatory agencies, agricultural produce handling companies), farmers and general public (food consumers).

Strengthening research capacity

Strengthening research capacity

This action seeks to strengthen research capacity, including the capacity to develop the required speciality foods. It will therefore contribute to addressing the problem of malnutrition.

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-Curriculum revision.

-Joint publications


-Monthly virtual review meetings

-Monitoring and evaluation semi-annual review meetings

-Finalization of curricula

-Recommendation of revised curricula to respective universities for adoption

-Consultative meetings with identified key stakeholders to develop engagement framework( including food and nutrition science professional associations)

-Short and long term skills enhancement programmes for technical staff

-Short and long term skills enhancement programmes for academic staff

-Procurement and installation of virtual teaching and learning facilities MAK and JKUAT

-Staff training on virtual teaching and use of installed facilities MAK and JKUAT

-Establish e-labs, e-learning platform MAK

-Joint supervision and/or examination

-Staff and student exchange

-Joint publications and dissemination of research outputs

-Development of guidelines for jointly awarded degrees

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